Trivago: To the Dogs!

Most people know Trivago as a global hotel search platform that enables users to compare hotel prices and reviews and get good deals.  We like the transnational technology company based in Dusseldorf, Germany, for its use of purebred dogs in its television commercials. It’s current commercial features a….well, see for yourself in the clip below:

Last year in 2017, there was this ad:


And in 2015, a Trivago commercial dubbed, “Get Lucky,” included a Chihuahua who stage name was – – –  “Lucky:”

Viewers are to be forgiven if they scarcely notice a dog in the ad for not wanting to take their eyes off Trivago pitchman, Tim Williams. It’s no accident that advertising execs picked the handsomely scruffy Houston-born, Berlin-based actor and musician, they wanted to appeal to a female audience because, as Jon Eichelberger, regional manager of Trivago North said, “Women have a lot of … purchasing power when it comes to leisure travel.” Williams had already been doing voiceovers for the company’s earlier commercials, and before that, he was mostly known to TV viewers in Berlin for his role on the German soap opera Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten. 

Still, dog people always notice the dogs.

Image: Still shot from Trivago commercial

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