“Walk a Mile”

You might find the video below creepy, but you can’t dispute that it’s imaginative and clever – and it’s certainly one way to “walk a mile” in your dog’s paws.

Vlogs. For those just joining this decade, a “vlog” is a piece of video – usually around five minutes long –  that documents a person’s expertise or experience. The word is a portmanteau of ‘video’ and ‘blog,” and when the topic is makeup, cosmetic reviews, and how-to tutorials, it’s called a “beauty vlog.”

Several years ago, one beauty vlogger, Israeli makeup artist, Ilana Kolihnov, transformed herself to resemble “Aiibi,” her Siberian Husky, and the video became an online sensation (you can see still photos of the process here.)

A former instructor at the Yarin Shahaf beauty school in Tel Aviv, Kolihnov, 21-years-old when she made the video, was known for her contouring expertise. She used a white pencil to create detailed outlines, and a textured brush provided the fur effect. It wasn’t her first “rodeo.” Kolihanov also posted video tutorials showing how she transformed herself into the Cheshire Cat, an alien, a tiger, a scary skeleton and a statue, but sadly, the videos are now all private.

We’ve all met someone who had an uncanny resemblance to their dog – Kolihanov just took the concept a big further.  To see more people who look like their dogs, check this out.

Image: Photo by SHVETS production/free stock photo

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