What All German Working Dogs Have in Common

Hunting dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, Herding and Police Dogs – in Germany, they have something in common: They are all Gebrauchshund. It’s a German term that means “working dog,” or more literally, “useful dog.”  In Washington DC, there was even a Deutscher Verband der Gebrauchshundsportvereine, which translated to English means the German Association of Working Dog Sport Clubs, but our sense is that it hasn’t been active.

We came across something that serves as a definitive for the essence of Gebrauchshund that you may find interesting. Read it here.

Our image is of a book entitled, “Grundausbildung für Gebrauchshunde von Marianne Schmidt und Walter Koch Hunde,” or “Basic training for Working Dogs by Marianne Schmidt and Walter Koch Dogs. We found it on Ebay.

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