Where are the Afghan Hounds?!

Our Afghan Hound readers have been asking us: “When do we get some posts about Afghan Hounds?

We’ll do one better. Crufts Dog Show,  heralded at the world’s greatest dog show, is underway until March 10th, and we found some footage of Afghan Hounds at the 1965 Crufts. Before we get to it, a few factoids about this tremendous show:

• The first Best in Show at Crufts was awarded in 1928. Do you know which breed won it? It was Greyhound named “Primley Sceptre;”  It was four years before a female-owned dog won Best in Show, and that was Lorna Countess Howe with her Labrador Retriever, “Bramshaw Bob;”

• Including agility and other events, it’s estimated that about 28,000 dogs take part in Crufts every year, with an estimated 160,000 human spectators, but that first show in 1891 with 2,437 entries in 36 different breeds. That’s still a staggering number given the times; 

• While many breeds participate, the original Crufts logo, designed by Charles Cruft himself, depicts a Saint Bernard inside of a collar with a crown on top;

For more wonderful bits of trivia about Crufts, look here.  At this point, we move on to some wonderful old footage. Enjoy!



Our still image is of Chris Amoo and his Afghan Hound, Viscount Grant, who won Best In Show in 1987. The photo by Marc Henrie  is part of the Kennel Club Picture Library

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