A Peek at Society’s Thinking?

The Kickstarter platform was good to National Purebred Dog Day, or to be more accurate, the people who helped fund our website through Kickstarter were amazing. If it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be reading this right now, May 1 would just be another day for purebred dog lovers, and the US Congress, as well as the states of Colorado, Georgia, and Connecticut would never have heard of National Purebred Dog Day.

That aside, as purebred dog advocates, we’re observers of our culture and notice subtle little things in its view on purebred dogs. To wit: A current Kickstarter campaign is the “Cone of Shame Notecard Set,” which has set a goal of promoting rescue dogs and highlighting their need for funds for medical treatments, a worthwhile endeavor to be sure.  The creator wanted to “take the traditionally sad image of a dog wearing an elizabethan collar and turn it upside down with this series [that is] meant to make these dogs look majestic, proud, and beautiful. They should remind you that each of these dogs has overcome something to emerge as the wonderful creatures that they are.”

The goal of $6,000 goal has been met and exceeded (yay!), but what we found interesting is that the dogs used to portray “majestic, proud, and beautiful,” are purebred dogs: An Old English Sheepdog, a Komondor, a Poodle, a Great Dane…

This means something, we think. While this is subject to interpretation (and perhaps there’s more going on here than we recognize, or maybe less), our knee jerk reaction is to think that when wanting to portray a particular emotion, there’s a breed for that. Our knee jerk reaction is that society is not “done” with the purebred dog, and that’s a good thing.

By all means, contribute if you’re inclined, and if you do, be sure to leave a note saying that you appreciate the use of purebred dogs in getting the message across.

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