Windhunde, Labrelle, Labrele, Levrier,Borzaya = Sighthound

In Germany, they’re called “Windhunde,” while in Italy, they’re known as “Labrelles.” In Spain, they’re “Labreles,” to the French, they’re “Levriers,” and in Russia, they’re “Borzaya.”

What are “they?”

They’re sighthounds, gazehounds, windhounds and Greyhounds. In Russian, in fact, the title, “English Borzoi” actually refers to the English Greyhound. These dogs hunt in a couple of different ways: One is to chase, catch, and dispatch, while the other is to chase, catch and secure the prey. The second scenario usually happens when local religious traditions require that a game animal be dispatched in a ritual fashion.

Image: “Roma” by Lisa Ballard

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