“WOLFhound” (Entry in National Purebred Dog Day Fine Art/Poster Competition 2017)

Title: “WOLFhound”

Artist: Leisa Temple

Medium: Acrylic on board

Price: $5,600.00

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Artist’s Thoughts: I am fortunate to have had purebred dogs my entire life.  Growing up. Labrador Retrievers – my dad loved to hunt and I would go with him on the “easy” hunts, like pheasant in the fields and I would get to carry them in. Yuck!
We had a Cairn Terrier, from a very prominent kennel but she had a soft coat so was never shown.
Then I was introduced to Rhodesian RIdgebacks. It was love at first sight.

I had heard of them through the stories or our neighbors, Jamaicans who fled up to Canada in the seventies due to the political upheaval on their island. Sadly, today, the breed pool is nonexistent down there where they were honestly used as they were bred – to protect the home.

I did keep with the breed for the last 3 decades. Showing, breeding, performance …. they are a very beautiful and fun hound!

I was also honored to be asked to illustrate The Illustrated Standard for The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States. The knowledge I garnered from the 5 most illustrious breeders in the States was invaluable and such a great experience!

Image Details:  14″ x 18″

As an artist, I must know the dog’s purpose before painting it in order to be correct with the anatomy.
What went through my mind when creating this piece was how the dog and it’s purpose would look at each other. Then, I began to see the similarities within the two.

The intensity in a wolf’s eye requires the Wolfhound to have that same intensity when confronted by the wolf. Their ultimate purpose was to kill the wolf, or be killed by the wolf.

The Wolfhound’s history goes back centuries and they were not the gentle giants of today. AD600-900 and up, they were ferocious guard dogs in the truest sense. Let to roam loose outside castles and were not discerning in the least as to who was an intruder, and who was not. It is a fascinating a varied history. I had no idea that when wolfhounds first started being shown, several had previously shown as deerhounds. Glad that got sorted out!

When I started “The Gemini Series” I had no idea the in-depth knowledge that would be required with each breed I have painted and how critical it always is that Form equals Function.

And also, with each breed, there have been an incredible group of mentors. I am so honored to have such knowledgeable and respected people willing to take time out of their busy lives to help me with each painting. #NPDDArt2017


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