Yet Another Bulldog Mascot

If you have children or teenagers in the house, chances are good that they may have a casual item of clothing made by Aeropostale. The company tries to portray a high-quality image and styles its stores to resemble higher-price brand stores than a bargain or outlet store.

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As part of its marketing, Aeropostale (pronounced “arrow-post-ALL”) uses a Bulldog not only in its window displays, but in advertising terms like, “Bulldog sale,” and only occasionally, as a logo on its T-shirts (and then with writing next to it saying “Aeropostale” or “Aero”).


The Bulldog does represent the brand, but the brand uses the dog more as a theme than a logo. Still, it’s just good marketing. Dogs make a lot of people people think about families, and by extension, children, and since children are the target market, it makes sense.

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