How to Tell a Norwich from a Norfolk Terrier

Near the city of Norwich, this dog was developed into a hunt dog. He was taken out on hunts, sat in a saddlebag carried by the hunter on horseback, and peeked out of the bag with great interest. Can’t you just picture it? The horses followed the foxhounds, and when the hounds holed a fox, the dog was pulled out of the saddlebag and put down on the ground to bolt the fox out of the den. His courage and stamina made him a formidable team player, and today, we still admire those same qualities. The breed?
We think you already know. It’s the Norwich Terrier! Do YOU know how to tell a Norwich from a Norfolk Terrier?  It’s easy if you remember that the NorWITCH Terrier has a pointy hat (ears).

Norwich Terrier by Rachel Hames
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