A Curious Breed Choice In the 80s

Back in 1987, a British live-action/puppet television series aired that was created and executively produced by Jim Henson. Called, “The StoryTeller,” the series told (or more accurately, retold) obscure European folk tales through a combination of actors and puppets. The fabulous John Hurt played a storyteller who told each tale to his dog while sitting by a fire. As unfamiliar as most people are with the Pudelpointer even today, one can only imagine how especially rare this breed was thought to be back in the 80s, and yet that’s the breed Henson chose to portray the talking dog who acted as the voice of the viewers. (hint: the Pudelpointer is not a recent designer breed, and, in fact, was created in 1881 when the first cross of the Pudel and an English Pointer established the new breed in Germany).  You can catch a glimpse of the dog in the intro clip below:

The series won several Emmy and BAFTA TV Awards, and for good reason. It was wonderful. Reruns of The StoryTeller episodes were featured in some episodes of The Jim Henson Hour, but you can catch a few episodes on You Tube, or purchase the complete collection here (what a great gift for a child!)

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