A Mastiff Owner’s Most Requested Answers

Talking of Mastiffs (which we did just the other day), owners are probably sick to death of being asked if their dogs snore, and how much one eats. As a public service to Mastiff owners, we’re reaching back into our archives to answer those questions with the responses of owners from when we featured their breed as a “Purebred of Interest” on our Facebook page.

  • Snore? Enough to shake a king size bed when lying against it! Bella is only about 130lbs, but most days she eats about 7 cups of dog food;
  • We have two females; 237lbs, 225lbs and a boy who is a pup 175lbs. The girls eat around 6-8 cups a day, but we free feed so they always have food and water down 24/7. The pup eats more some days but usually eats less than the girls. Snore – oh yes, they snore really loud. It’s funny when they snore on the hard wood floors, their big lips vibrate and flap around;
  • Once they’re fully grown they don’t eat as much as you might think, if on kibble. I think 4-6 cups a day is average, while growing, especially the boys, I have had to feed as much as 15-16 cups of kibble a day. Snoring, for me, one of the most endearing qualities of the breed;
  • Omg! The food…4 chicken thighs, cup of brown rice, mixed veggies and two egg yolks twice a day. Snore? yes….fart? Dog can clear a ballroom;
  • My girls eat 3-4c a day, they weigh 150-175lbs. My male weighs 250lbs and eats 4-6c a day. They are pretty active during the day as they all are greeters at my pet grooming shop;
  • My 180lb. sweetie girl eats 6 cups of high quality kibble per day. Now that she’s over 7 years old, I really should cut that down a bit though. She doesn’t snore often but when she does it’s a lovely soft, even rumble. I love to go to sleep to that;
  • Ours eat 4 cups a day and snoring??? Oh my….over the top! We visited my parents with the dogs over the summer. We had the dogs upstairs with us. We woke up in the morning and my Dad was downstairs. He said “How the hell do you sleep with the snoring those dogs do?” He heard them downstairs. I told him…”you just get used to it (lol);
  • My boy also gets 6 cups of kibble a day, and lots of goodies from mom’s plate….. (shameful glance);
  • I’ve never heard of a quiet sleeping Mastiff…… I wonder if such a thing exists…;
  • Puppy eats more than my 4 yr. old male, and ALL snore loud enough to wake me up. Snug snores cartoon style, snort, then the exhale jowl ruffle. I laugh every time;
  • Oh they snore and it’s quite a treat in a multiple Mastiff home when you’re TV volume is on 86 so you can hear, LOL. I feed a raw diet and my boy eats 4-5 pounds daily and my senior girl eats 2 pounds daily to maintain her figure;
  • 3.6 pounds of raw meat each day. Of course they snore – they have to purr me to sleep somehow;
  • Mine snores loud enough that if I’m downstairs in the living room and he is upstairs in the bathroom, I can hear him snoring through the floor…… EVERY SINGLE snore too! He eats about 4-6 cups a day;
  • Honestly, you really do get used to them snoring and yes you can hear it anywhere in the house. I wake up at night and as long as I can hear them snoring I know everything is good;
  • Snored so loud one time..the floor boards rattled and vibrated the couch! He eats 8-10 cups per day. However…this includes fresh venison, fruits and veggies, a scoop of coconut oil etc..He’s at a perfectly healthy #213 lbs;

‘Nuff said.

Image: “No Time To Play” by MaryAnn Cleary which is available as as assorted forms of wall art, and as a greeting card here. 

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