Airedale. Let Us Count the Ways

“The Airedale: An unrivaled mixture of brains and clownish wit, the very ingredients one looks for in a spouse” – Chip Brown, Connoisseur.

The Airedale is a name that gets around, though admittedly, not always having to do with the terrier. There’s an Airedale Symphony Orchestra, and then there’s a leading manufacturer of HVAC systems for schools and commercial applications (such as the Airedale SchoolMate® Water/Ground Source Heat Pump, in case you were wondering). It’s also slang for a sailor who works on or around aircraft, as well as a valley in the UK that’s probably responsible for so many other things having that name.

But wait, there’s more!

The Alma School district’s mascot is the Airedale Terrier, its athletes known as the “Airedales.”  In West Yorkshire, UK, Airedale Academy is a secondary school and sixth form on Crewe Road in a suburb of Castleford, and also in West Yorkshire is the Airedale General Hospital.  The Airedale is also a cabinet door style, a premiere mattress sold by Stearns And Foster,  and even something called the Airedale Salute, which, as best we can tell, is described as an “I don’t know” shrug of the shoulders.

Who knew?

“Visiting Aunt Maud” by Mike Sibley

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