American Magazine

The American Magazine was a periodical published between 1906 and 1956, and focused on human interest stories, social issues and fiction. We’re not sure if we’re more tickled by the Old English Sheepdog and Dachshund featured on the cover, or the featured article, “Picking a Job with a Future” (ask Dustin Hoffman, he’d tell you just one word: “Plastics”).

The magazine’s list of contributing authors included Amelia Earhart, Edna Ferber, John Barrymore, Will Durant, General John J. Pershing, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Henry Ford, Graham Greene, Zane Grey, Dashiell Hammett, P. G. Wodehouse, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Upton Sinclair, Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle.  It also featured purebred dogs on many of its covers which you can see here.


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