Anyone? Anyone?

We first saw Ben Stein in the unforgettable movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Haven’t most of us had a teacher like this at some point in our educational lives?

The scene you just saw has been ranked as one of the fifty most famous scenes in movie history. His dead-pan delivery as an economics instructor was so convincing that people were shocked to learn that Ben Stein – writer, lawyer, actor, and commentator on political and economic issues – was not only a graduate of Columbia University, but the valedictorian from Yale Law School.

In 2008, business commentator Henry Blodget wrote a piece for Business Insider entitled “Ben Stein is an Idiot,” criticizing Stein’s disapproval of bearish investors. We suspect Stein felt bad about the piece all the way to the bank;  his net worth is $20 million.

Lots of discretionary income to spend on the dogs he’s loved all his life, including the ten Weimaraners and German Shorthaired Pointers he had from the time he moved to New York City to work for the Wall Street Journal. He touches upon those years in the video below:


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