Are You Sitting on a Profit?

If you’re of a certain age and collected Lassie memorabilia growing up, you’re probably sitting on a profit. Many pieces are now collector’s items, and with an endless supply of Lassie fans (and Collie owners), the market is competitive. First editions of Lassie Come-Home (1940) by Eric Knight are collectible if it has the dust jacket. A 1978 lunch box (specifically, the “Magic of Lassie”) is going for $80 (but your mom probably paid $5 for it). The real point of our post is to ask if you collected any purebred dog “tchotchke,” and what was it?

2 thoughts on “Are You Sitting on a Profit?”

  1. Here are a couple of original pencil drawings of Lassie by, Al Andersen, Disney Illustrator. Curious of the value?

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