Looney Tunes’ Saint Bernards

Some film experts regard the period between the period between 1930 to 1969 to be the Golden Age of American animation, and if a golden age is defined as a time when great tasks were accomplished, who could argue against Mickey Mouse, the Road Runner,  Cinderella, Bugs Bunny, and other iconic classics?  Many favorites were created by Disney studios, but we knew many more through Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons, both produced by Warner Brothers.  Today, some of these cartoons would be considered quite dated for their violence and utterly politically incorrect views.

Two of the cartoon characters coming out of the studio were “Ham” and “Ex,” largely overshadowed by Daffy Duck and other memorable characters, but the Saint Bernard twins had their own following in the 1930s. In fact, the first appearance of Porky Pig was in Ham and Ex debut cartoon, Haven’t Got a Hat.   The dogs voiced by Berneice Hansell and Billy Bletcher appeared in several other cartoon shorts, but they had a lead role in The Fire Alarm seen below:


We know a lot of people who collect trivia related to their breed, and Ham and Ex may have slipped under the radar for Saint Bernard enthusiasts.

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