Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark

Old terrier men believed that no two terriers worked the same, and that real terrier men could identify a dog’s quarry by the baying of the dog since the sound differed when faced with a rabbit, badger, rat or fox.

We think most of us can tell the difference between our dogs’ friendly “busy bark” versus a frantic one suggesting danger or pain. But can you tell the difference between the barks of different breeds?  Test yourself by seeing if you can identify ten popular breeds and their barks below, then tell us how you did!

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Image of a Finnish Spitz by BJ Lewis

Barking is a major part of the Finnish Spitz’s hunting style and was once called, “the barking bird dog


5 thoughts on “Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark”

  1. I can definitely tell the difference between “busy barking”, defensive barking when someone is at the door or the gate and frantic barking. We call the frantic barking puppy bark because Cooper learned to do that when he was a puppy. Now when he’s scared or alarmed and wants our attention he’ll do the very high-pitched puppy bark.

    • You know, BJ, we suspected as much, but weren’t sure. Thank you so much for the update. We’ll add the credits now very happily because we’re big fans of your talent.

  2. I can tell what my dachshunds are fussing over by their barks. There is boredom/I want to be let in, deer have entered the yard, somebody is walking by the house, and I have cornered a squirrel, snake, possum, toad, and or turtle.

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