The Beaver Pom

To our knowledge, the Pomeranian may be the only breed which counts “beaver’ as one of its AKC acceptable colors.  It’s is an interesting color that’s actually a dilute chocolate with shades that range from a cream-beige to an orange-brown. In previous standards, this color was referred to as biscuit. Some mistake a cream Pom for a Beaver, but this is determined by skin pigmentation. A Beaver is distinguished from the cream color by a self-colored beige/brown pigment on the dog’s nose, lips, eye rims, and foot pads.  As an aside, a Pom that has any black in its coat or points is not a Beaver.

Image of a Beaver Pom found on Pinterest and we’d very much like to give proper credit to this dog. Speak up if you can help. 



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  1. Not my photo, but finished a beaver about 20 years ago. Not an easy task! Had hazel eyes, nose and footpads. Color was similar to a chocolate bar opened and left out…..kind of a silvery light brown……..

    • Thanks for the input, Lynda! We’re always so pleased to hear from experts, the people who own the breeds we talk about. Did you find the dog attractive?

      • I seem to have a Beaver Pom. He is 5 1/2 months old and color is staying the same. Light colored pads and nose, green eyes.

        • Thanks for sharing his picture, Nona, we can’t get enough good examples of Beaver Poms! He’s a sweetie!

      • = I have a beaver pom. I’ll post some pictures of Teddy (DOB 12/23/2019) here. He fulfills all the requirements: green-hazel eyes; he has no black pigment on his body; the eyes rims, lips, nose and paws are completely brown; the coat is amazing … a mixture of cream, white, gold, light orange and light brown.

  2. I just adopeted this cutie on Saturday. I believe he is beaver colored. Brown nose with one little spot of black

    • He’s a doll, Amanda! You could be right about his color!

  3. Trying to figure what color to call my little girl. I know her coat will still change since she is still 8 wks old. She has light eye rims, purplish nose with a pink spots. Her foot pads are black and pink spotted. Her dad is cream w/ some darker tan sabling. Her mom is black. No info on either grandparents.

    • Hard to say, Tonya. We invite our Pomeranian owning readers to weigh in on their opinion, but for now, watching her color evolve has to be a little like opening a present very slowly… Perhaps you can occasionally send us a photographic update?

      • Update on mila.. 6 mos old, purplish nose, light eye rims spotted paw pads. Tan color smeared across her head, back and hind legs. White on belly and bottom of tail. Eyes are brown but not as dark as her mother or brother. But she is starting to get blackish skin on her muzzle and her belly come to think about it. (Not loosing any hair so we don’t think it’s BSD)

        • Look how much she’s grown, Tonya! Could the dark skin be simple pigmentation?

  4. Is my pomeranian a beaver? I’m wondering what his color is, because of te self coloured nose and eye rims and lips and during my search I saw this site abut beaver poms.

    • What a cutie, Annelies. We’re not experts on this breed or its color, but his color IS suspiciously like what the article describes, don’t you think?

  5. My puppy is just 3 weeks old, almost, although her coat will change a lot I think she may be beaver. Self coloured pads nose and eye time.l with a little white patch on chest . Mum is black dad cream wolf sable grandparents on one side blk and tan on dad’s side cream and black.

  6. Do you have a better picture?
    I thought my girl was chocolate, I guess she is beaver?

  7. My beaver sable Pom, Logan has gorgeous hazel green eyes and loves to be prim and proper for his photos 🙂

    • Amanda, Logan is adorable, and yes, he’s quite the country gentleman!

  8. i believe my Honey Bear is a beaver . She is 4 months has Hazel/ Green eyes.

    • Easy to see, MM, his eyes are about to steal ours!

    • Hi MM! My pomeranian looks just like yours!
      Here’s her instagram so we can keep in touch: @sirithepomeranian

  9. I think mine is might be a beaver Pom too. Hazel eyes with a spark of green. Paws pad, eyeline and nose is light brown with pink.

  10. This is Teddy born May/03/2019 one of 4 and second born. And the only Beaver. He was the first to open his eyes, and to my supersize they were green, His skin tone in pink as is his nose, lips, and eye lids. Now at 18 weeks his eyes are a hazel green, and sometimes a gold/brown color, and sometime green. But definitely cool looking!! His cote is a light brown with darker brown tale, and his skin is pink all of it, like a piglet…. it’s a trip…

  11. Here’s my 11 month old beaver colored Pom, Copper. His grandad was beaver colored. His dad is a red and his mom a parti colored. One of his brothers was a chocolate parti.

  12. This is my 9 y.o. beaver pom. A rescue pulled her from a commercial breeder. Her eyes are actually light brown, but she’s totally blind in her left eye and partially blind in her right (which also doesn’t point forward).

    • Bless her little heart. The commercial breeder was evidently a substandard breeder, and the little lady is lucky you found her!

  13. This is my Beaver Pom. His name is Teddy. He is 1 year old

    • He’s very cute, Glenda, thanks for sharing his picture!

  14. I have one beaver pomerania puppy, with pink noies, lips and green hazel eyes

  15. Here’s my Copper Ketel at 18 months old. His eyes stayed green. He’s the gentlest dog I’ve ever had.

  16. Someone any idea how this pom his colour will turn out? The father is orange sable and the mother is sable chocolat with blue eyes

    • Cute, Inge. Let’s hope other readers have some ideas on how your Pom’s color will turn out.

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