Belge – What is It?

Color is not a major consideration in the Affenpinscher, and black, gray, silver, red, and black and tan are all accepted colors. color, belge, affenpinscher, Brussels Griffon, There’s one more accepted color, however, with a name that offers no clue about its appearance, and that’s “belge.”  Pronounced like “beige” (but with an “l”), belge consists of a two-colored hair shaft (banded, or mixed with black, brown, and/or white hairs mixed with red)  resulting in a smoky, or appearance.  Some might say the dog looks like a sable with black tipping. Since Belge can carry recessive genes for black and tans, some dogs may have tan points.

“Belge” is also an accepted color in the Brussels Griffon.

Thumbnail image of a close-up of the belge coat. Dog image found on Pinterest and happily credited upon receipt of information.This dog is not the source of the detail picture.

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