Bird Dog Whiskey!

In light of a Whippet named “Whiskey” winning Best In Show at the AKC National Championship Presented By Royal Canin last month, it seems fitting to write about actual whiskeys and purebred dogs.

Buchanan’s Blended Scotch Whisky is not the only distillery that has incorporated purebred dogs into their label or story. Bird Dog Whiskey creates small batch aged white oak barrel Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, but they are known for flavored whiskeys that include jalapeño honey-flavored whiskey, chocolate-flavored whiskey, and the award-winning blackberry-flavored whiskey. Recipes using these whiskeys are tempting, especially the “Blue Note” which calls for Crazy Dog Herbal Liqueur, Irish Cream Liqueur, and Crème de Cacao. Yum!

According to its website, Bird Dog’s 10 year old Kentucky Bourbon is associated with the German Shorthaired Pointer, and the description goes on to say, “As the first breed admitted to the AKC Stud Book in 1930, the GSP has long been a favorite for the ideal sporting and all-purpose dog. The GSP’s keen scenting abilities are directly linked with high intelligence.”

Meanwhile, the Bird Dog Small Batch Bourbon is associated with the Treeing Walker Coonhound, “A well-respected and established breed since 1945, the characteristics of this loyal hunting / working dog are distinct and bold. The breed is known for being fearless and courageous on the hunt.”

The “Associated Dog Breed” for the Select Stock Kentucky Bourbon is the Irish Setter, “Becoming popular in the 18th century, the Irish Setter is a true athlete. The breed was created as a hunter’s companion who can also do a hard day’s work in the field.”

We found no explanation as to why certain breeds were selected for certain blends, but we like that Bird Dog uses purebred dogs, a theme that seems to carry on to Bird Dog’s Instagram page.

Egészségére! (cheers in Hungarian)

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