Boerboel Wear!

The Boerboel is a popular breed in its native South Africa, particularly among farmers. Indeed, the breed’s name means “farmer’s dog:” “Boer” is Dutch for farmer, and “boel” is the Afrikaan word that means “hefty dog.”  Farmers and ranchers required dogs that could not only cope in a hostile and environmentally challenging land, but stand up to formidable predators like big cats and hyenas. Bearing this in mind, the AKC breed standard indicates that natural tails are acceptable, but docked tails are as well, and this is rooted in practicality: The original reason the Boerboel had a docked tail was to prevent baboons from grabbing onto it during a fight to try and gain an advantage over the dog.

There is so much to admire in this breed that a clothing line in South Africa named itself Boerboel Wear specifically after the breed. Company literature writes, “Boerboel Wear is a proudly South African developed and manufactured brand. Inspired by characteristics of the Boerboel, a South African dog breed, our camo and Kalahari ranges offer the perfect blend between reliability and intelligence.” 

Just like the breed.

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