Breaking the Ice

The beauty of purebred dogs – gosh, where do we start?
Certainly predictability is a valued attribute, and the Chesapeake Bay Retriever can be expected to love water and be easily trained. It’s hard to imagine that any dog would love icy water, but the Chessie’s short, coarse, double coat allows forays into frigid water with ease.  Del Brave Chesapeake Bay Retrievers‎ shared a short video of a nine month old male encouraged to break ice for the first time to make a retrieve. It took him a little bit, but by his second retrieve, it looked as if he’d been doing it forever. More to the point, this dog is enjoying himself!  We suggest you turn the sound off  because after the first “go get it,” you get the point:

Image: Chesapeake Bay – Wc3 Art Print by Joye Ardyn Durham is available in wall art, home decor and more here

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