The Breed From “Lovu Zdar”

This precious baby is a Cesky Terrier. As an adult, she’ll be any shade of gray, from platinum gray to charcoal, but Cesky puppies are always born black (sometimes black and tan) and lighten as they get older, sometimes not until they are two or three years old. By then, some black might show up on an adult’s head, ears, feet and tail, and a white collar or tail tip is okay. White, brown and yellow markings are also allowed on the head, beard, cheeks, neck, chest, limbs and around the “vent” (yes, it’s what you think it is). A coat is clipped to emphasize a slim impression.

About our title: The creator of the Cesky Terrier was Frantisek Horak whose kennel was named “lovu zdar,” which means “successful hunter,” an apt name for the Cesky,

Photo by @altrinchamusa via the AKC Cesky Terrier page with permission

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