The Breed That Has “More Fun”

It may be the only AKC breed in which one of its allowed colors is “blonde.” Would you have guessed that it’s the Finnish Lapphund?  The breed’s AKC acceptable colors are: Black, blonde, brown, cream, tan, wolf sable, blue, brindle and saddle. The teddy bear adorability of this breed belies its toughness. The thick double coat can withstand harsh temperatures needed in a dog that herded reindeer as a “profession.” The advent of snowmobiles diminished the need for these dogs to herd “Santa’s horses,” but the Lapphunds are still used to herd sheep today.

Thank you, Finland. In 1940, a movement began to preserve this fabulous breed. Several dogs were collected from the Sami tribe to start a breeding program, the Finnish Kennel Club recognized a breed standard in 1945, and the AKC recognized the breed in 2011. Boom.

Finnish Lapphund by Katja Turnsek

2 thoughts on “The Breed That Has “More Fun””

  1. Recognized the picture immediately, looks just like our Meika. An incredible breed, very smart and independent. Thanks for posting.

    • How lucky you are to have such an extraordinarily beautiful dog!

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