The “Colored Lap Dog”

Far be it for us to gossip…….

……..but did you hear?

Royal watchers in the UK claim they’ve detected a “baby bump” on the Duchess of Cambridge, and since Prince William and Kate Middleton are said to have always wanted three children, it wouldn’t be a huge shock. The Morning Ledger, however, has confirmed that what the Royal couple is expecting is a companion for their Cocker Spaniel, “Lupo,” that they’re looking for a “Bolonka Zwetna,” and that they’re talking with breeders. Also known as the Tsvetnaya Bolonka, or Bolonka, this breed is a member of the bichon family that nearly vanished before the Cold War because Russians were never ones to keep animals that didn’t work.

The Bolonka’s forefathers arrived in the Russian Empire with Napoleon’s army at a time they were known as the “French Bolonka,”  Bolonka simply meaning “lapdog,” and Tsvetnaya Bolonka meaning, “coloured lap dog.” Some of the dogs remained in Russia after Napoleon’s army retreated, and those dogs become the foundation stock for today’s Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka.

Image from Alamy Stock Photo which appeared in an article about the Royal Couple

16 thoughts on “The “Colored Lap Dog””

  1. Awww ! This was good news ! I really hope they get one bolonka, and that they also manage to keep the lovely dog in full coat to show the beautyness of the breed ! Good luck to prince William and Kate Middelton in choosing their companiondog…for themselves and Lupo <3 The bolonka is av very friendly breed 🙂

    • Are you a Bolonka owner, Irene? We’d love to learn more about the breed.

    • Edwin, he’s stunning! Tell us what he’s like to live with?

  2. Русская Цветная Болонка/ Russkaya Tsvetnaya Bolonka/
    Bolonka Zwetna / Russian Color Lap dog

  3. This is one of my girls. You can read a lot about the breed and se many photos on my website

  4. Bolonka’s are super sweet and very loyal. My little girl is 3 years old now and weighs 5 pounds. She is playful with lots of energy.

  5. Did the royal couple actually get the little bolonka…we are excited to know if it really happened. We just love these beautiful little dogs.

    • The Daily Mail reported that William and Kate purchased the Bolonka, but we’ve yet to see a picture of the dog! We’ll keep looking.

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