The Colorful Pomeranian

In more ways than one, it could be said that the Pomeranian is one of the most “colorful” breeds we have: Eighteen different colors, and nine markings are recognized by the AKC. Two of the colors – beaver, and beaver sable, are, to our knowledge, unique to the Pomeranian by that name (it’s often called “liver” in other breeds).

Beaver is a dilute chocolate with shades ranging from a cream-beige to orange-brown; since it’s a dilution gene that affects both coat and skin pigmentation,  two Pomeranians carrying just one dilute gene each can produce puppies that hold two, and thus, will show this outwardly. Sometime, a cream colored Pom is mistaken for a beaver colored one, but this is determined by skin pigmentation. A beaver colored Pom will have chocolate skin pigmentation (a self-colored beige/brown pigment on nose, lips, eye rims, and foot pads), while creams always have black noses.

We’d be beholding to Pom owners if they could share any photos of a Beaver colored Pom below (not on Facebook).

“Hardley A Hadley” by Kimberly Santini  

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