The Largest French Sheepdog

The Beauceron is the largest of the French sheepdog, and its ties to the Briard are reflected in French art often pairing the two together in the same image or sculpture. AKC herding judges starting out in Briards have also noted a great deal of similarity in the working styles of the two breeds. None of this is surprising since this quintessentially French breed working on the La Beauce plains in the 16th century was separated into two working types in 1863.  A priest, Abe Rosier, writing in 1809 described a meeting of cattle and sheep breeders during which time the decision was made to name the longhaired dogs after the area of Brie  –Berger de la Brie or Briard,  and the shorthaired type after the Beauce region – Berger de la Beauce, or Beauceron.

Beauceron by Olde Time Mercantile is available as a print here.

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