The Pembroke’s Saddle Marks

The word, “Corgi,” is believed to be from the Welsh world for dwarf (“cor”) and dog (“ci”), no surprise since breed historians believe that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi descended from dogs brought to Wales by the Vikings. We know better, and the evidence is all over the dog.

Pemmies have a swath of white hair that circles their shoulders and backs, but you should dismiss any notion of genetics, here. Fairies did it.  Well, not alone, of course. Elves helped.

Welsh legend tells us that Pembrokes come from the lair of fairies and elves. The white strip marks the spot where fairies tied their harnesses and saddles to the dogs before riding them into battle, or having them pull their carriages. We presume these battles were with Devonian pixies who refused fairies entry into Devon. Pixies. What can you do.

We love sharing the myths associated with our breeds, and invite you to share the legends of your breed in the comments section.

“Sun Glow Nap” by Lyn Hamer Cook – DogArtByLyn

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