The Scented Hound

Afghan Hounds are sometimes referred to as “the scented hound” for the scent glands in their cheeks that emit a pleasant, musky odor. It’s described as muskier than jasmine, perhaps more like sandalwood, with hints of cinnamon.  Most Afghan Hound owners describe this as a pretty rare quality to find in an Afghan, but it’s possible that there is a genetic component as breeders of scented hounds have found that some puppies of such parents are also often scented. There’s even an on-line data base of scented Afghan Hounds from all over the world.  At the same site, you can read the legend on how the Afghan Hound became scented which has to do with a princess who tucked sprigs of Jasmine under the collar of her most favored hound.

Afghan Hound by Barbara Keith

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