Crayola Dogs

In past posts, we’ve shared with you sculptures of purebred dogs made of bicycle chains,  Legos, and wooden slats. With Herb art,dogs,crayons,Crayola,Dachshund, Poodle,French BulldogWilliams, we can add dogs made of crayons to the list. The Tennessee artist, one of the few individuals in the world, and maybe the only artist, who has an account with Crayola, uses thousands of Crayola crayons to create colorful create freestanding, three-dimensional sculptures; a series he created a couple of years ago, Call of Couture,  showcased fifteen breeds including the Dachshund, Poodle, and French Bulldog.  “I am exploring how specific “pure” breeds of dogs now can become the ultimate fashion accessory. Paintings from as early as the 15th century depict royalty with a purebred dog on their lap or by their side. Iconic fashion, like art, provides a paradigm shift which defines moments of time in society and sets it apart from banality. In the Call of Couture series the animal kingdom models contemporary fashion in my signature cut-crayon medium.”

Shoulder shrug. While caring and responsible owners don’t see dogs as “fashion accessories,” we can agree with Williams that how society views its pets is insightful.


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