“Dog” Inside Out

You know you’re a serious student of dogs if you wish you owned a reticulated canine skeleton. Most of us would be content with an accurate plastic version, but even those can be pricey.

Perhaps this is the next best thing. The Horses Inside Out people is a British organization that gives amazing insight into equine locomotion from an anatomical perspective by painting a skeleton on the outside of the animal. We were pretty tickled to learn that they did it with a dog, as well, and if you’re like us,  you’ll watch this video over and over and over again.. Check it out:

Though the dog in the video above is a Doberman Pinscher, Gillian Higgins, anatomist, anatomical artist, sports and remedial therapist and founder of Horses Inside Out also painted “Presley,” an 18 month old Great Dane back in 2014 for that year’s Festival of Grooming event:

Pretty cool, eh?

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