Dogs at Play: Breed-Type Specific?


Do you feel that types of dogs, say, hounds, play differently with each other than, say, herding or working breeds? Or is “play’” done the same way among all breeds?  If your canine family includes breeds from different groups, how to they end up playing?

Image: Spot and the Honktapus by Kathleen Coy

One thought on “Dogs at Play: Breed-Type Specific?”

  1. Pembroke Welsh corgis play by herding/chasing each other and do a lot of bitey face and scruff grabbing. They rarely use their feet in play, maybe because their legs are so short (lol)? I have a friend who used to breed English cocker spaniels and they do use their feet, a lot, in play. Needless to say, the corgis were very confused as to what was going on.

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