Dogs from the “Doggie People” Range

When we come across dog art we think is special, we feel compelled to share it with you.

Matt Buckley of Edge Sculptures in the UK started his sculpting career over 20 years ago, and he has a unique style we’ve not seen before.

He sculpts each piece in clay striving for a dynamic and organic feel. The finished clay masters are molded with each subsequent piece, and then carefully hand cast using ceramic polystone to allow for a faithful reproduction of the detail and texture of the original sculpt. He hand paints each piece, and the end result is a reticulation of layers that present an almost high tech version of the breed.  His Staffordshire Bull Terrier was what first caught our eye, and we were pleased to see that he also created a Bulldog and the Bull Terrier you see here. Sadly, they are the only breeds that Buckley has created, but he has depicted other animals which are worth a look here.

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