Dogs Match Cars? VW Thought So

Back in 2013,  Volkswagen got the idea that if owners can resemble their dogs, maybe dogs can be similarly paired with specific cars. This is how the German automaker came to launch a campaign that featured a wide variety of purebred dogs to match each VW in their lineup.

In our view, it was a fabulous ad, but see for yourself:

The way VW saw it, showcasing the variety of breeds was the best way to illustrate the breadth of their range of VW models. The Puli, they felt, best represented the Beetle: “A low profile, good proportions and a medium build. Full of character and charm. It is a real head turner with a familiar face. Full of energy and needs lots of exercise.”

As for the GTI, Volkswagen thought a Husky exhibited the same characteristics as the hot hatch: “A great combination of power, speed and endurance, enabling it to be quick and light. Fun-loving, adventurous, alert, independent, clever, stubborn, mischievous and obstinate.”

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how the ad was shot in Church Stretton Hills at Cardingmill Valley in the UK:

Created by London-based agency adam&eveDDB, Volkswagen’s ad called, “Woofwagen” was a direct appeal to dog-owners by offering the concept of searching for car models by dog breeds.

We’re not sure if the matches were good, but it had to make car shopping fun for dog owners.

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