Dogs Who Build Things, Part I

As we update our website to include much older posts, we’re prompted to reprise some of them with our newer readers because they were hugely popular. Among NPDD’s most popular posts were those dealing with dogs who exhibited curious behavior, or,  for lack of a better way of phrasing it, dogs who built things.  Dalmatian, Dogs Who Build Things


The attractive arrangement of vegetables you see at the right was the handiwork of “Buck,” a Dalmatian curiously drawn to raw vegetables as play things. He collected, deposited, and arranged the vegetables to his liking inside rubber tires, and when Buck seemed satisfied with his work, he stood back to study the people watching him as if to see if they understood his vision.

Buck is part of a collection of amazing dogs written about by Vicki Mathison in her book, “Dog Works,” a truly fascinating review of dogs who build things. We’ll be sharing more of these, and you’ll want to do a page search on “dogs who build things” to find them.

2 thoughts on “Dogs Who Build Things, Part I”

  1. My Bouviers build forts, using furniture and blankets in the living room, so they can play bone hockey. When the forts are complete, they skitter their bones back and forth using the forts as goals. Whoever gets the bones hides them in the blankets. Reminds me of how I used to play with my brother on rainy days.

    • Carol, that is AMAZING! Have you ever gotten it on video, we’d love to see it!

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