“Don with Albert” – Entry in National Purebred Dog Day Fine Art/Poster Competition 2023

Title: “Don with Albert”

Artist: Leon White

Medium: Watercolor

Size: 21″ x 29″ x 0″

Price:  NFS

Artist’s Thoughts: I started painting dogs that drew my attention, as it’s colors, a pose, personality. Often painting portraits of friends dogs for the fun of it. Along with a living dog, people request paintings of their deceased dog. This grew into regular commissions. I started presenting a donated pet portrait at fundraising auctions which became a popular bid item. I do not choose the breed of a dog for a painting. It someone wants a painting I do it.

If the dog is living, I spend time with it to observe it’s personality, it’s behavior, it’s characteristics. Things which the owner admires. It makes is easier when I can observe the live animal to capture directly these personalities along with the color, type of hair and eyes. I ask more information about the dog when using only photographs. I will look at several photos and decide which will offer the best personality along with the composition.


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