Don’t Sit on the Dog!

We’ve shared the Puli inspired chair, and the chair that suggests a Chinese Shar-Pei, but now we’re showing you a couple of chairs that scream, “Komondor!”

The chair below is the “Mohair Chair”designed by Coral Stephens of South Africa. This talented weaver founded her studio in 1949 in Piggs Peak, Northern Swaziland. It didn’t take long for her alternative designs, edgy use of color and texture, but above all, her organic treatment of fibers to get noticed. Her work can be found in hotels, private homes, and even theaters.



The chair at the top of the page, meanwhile, was designed by the Campana Brothers who designed the “Puli” and “Shar-Pei” chairs mentioned earlier. Fernando and Humberto are two of Brazil’s most celebrated designers whose eclectic high-end furniture from everyday materials are fun, visceral, and evocative.

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