Emperor Maximilian Knew This Breed

If you lived in the Alps around in the Middle Ages, you would’ve have known the Tyroler Bracke. These dogs were used as the basis for other German and Austrian breeds probably for what they brought to the table: A superb nose in high, snowy elevations, a tireless work ethic, a fine “tongue,” a strong body, and an easygoing temperament. 

The Tyrolean Hound is said to be descended from Celtic Hounds used by Emperor Maximilian I to hunt hare and fox,  and for tracking wounded game. Selective breeding began in 1860, and the first specimen was exhibited in Innsbruck in 1896. The breed was officially recognized in 1908.

There’s a good deal of diversity within the hound group, but among scenthounds, there are a few commonalities. Some hounds share the gift of gab, namely, baying and giving tongue. They’re also built to be tough, have endurance and be resilient. The head shape, longer nose and drop/floppy ears also point to a dog being a hound.

Image found on Pinterest and happily credited upon receipt of information

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