“The Thinking Man’s Retriever”

“Wicked sharp” smarts and a more independent temperament than other retrievers has earned the Curly Coated Retriever the nickname, the “Thinking Man’s Retriever.” Curlies are even-tempered, but they do have a mind of their own that makes them easily bored, more dignified,  and more discriminating with strangers than other retrievers. This independence and aloofness can be confused for shyness, or even a lack of willingness to please, but nothing could be further from the truth.  The Curly is an eager-to-please and inherently courageous dog with a serious passion for upland hunting – typically a walking field hunt in pursuit of birds like quail, pheasant and partridge.

A Pair of the Best by Joy Glasspool. This print is available for purchase here.




2 thoughts on ““The Thinking Man’s Retriever””

    • LOL, Cathy, we regard “man” in this context generically. It goes without saying that there when it comes to loving our dogs, and they us, gender goes out the window

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