Fluffly, Big, and Very Rare

Meet “Chilli.” She is a Romanian Mioritic Sheepdog, and we are so very proud that an enthusiastic supporter of National Purebred Dog Day has acquired one with the goal of helping this breed survive.

The Mioritic (Romanian for “little sheep”) is a large livestock guardian dog that originated in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. It’s not in especially good shape. It’s almost impossible to find health tested dogs, and there are only a few breeders in Romania with a few others scattered around Europe. Chilli’s owner did her homework and sought a sound dog. Good on her.

This is a big, but not heavy dog, though a fluffy coat makes the dog look bigger and take on the appearance of a giant teddy bear. Longer than tall, the Mioritic is a surprisingly agile breed, and unexpectedly fast, something that has taken more than one wolf, bear, and lynx by surprise. He is incorruptible, watchful, and self-regulated. He follows directions well, is a reliable companion and house pet, and he’s described as have a special fondness for children.

This isn’t to say the breed is a “patsy.”Because of their legendary ferocity and courage Miorotics were used in the armies of medieval kings and fought invading Romans.  In fact, their heroic efforts were immortalized in a historical monument in Rome that shows the dogs fighting.

There’s very little about this breed that isn’t appealing to the right family, and we wish Chilli and her mistress only the best in getting a foothold in America. The first official introduction of the breed was at the European Championship in Charleroi-Belgium in 1995 followed by the first demonstrative presentation of the breed in year 2000 at the World Championship in Milan-Italy. The United Kennel Club recognized the breed in 2006, and the FCI followed in 2015.

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