German Shepherd Dog: A New Guinness World Record Holder

In 2013, we reported that the record for the world’s highest skydiving dog jumping with his owner 15,000 feet belonged to “Brutus,” a Miniature Dachshund who at that time, had 54 jumps under his “belt.”

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Brutus, the Sky Diving Dachshund

Strapped to his owner in a special harness similar to the tandem harness used for students strapped to expert skydivers, Brutus was featured in a two page color photo in PEOPLE magazine, Inside Edition TV show and others.

A few more skydiving x dog records have been set since then, including one set quite recently. In December, 2016, a two year German Shepherd Dog became the official world record holder for being the world’s first skydiving anti-poaching dog.

After months of training, “Arrow” became a powerful frontline weapon in protecting Africa’s endangered wildlife from poachers; while attached to his devoted handler, Henry Holsthyzen, the tandem leapt their way into a Guinness World Record by executing their maiden jump from the Waterkloof Airforce Base outside Pretoria.  Read more about “Arrow” and Henry here.


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