German Shorthaired Pointer: Military Dog

The 380th Air Expeditionary Wing is a provisional unit of the United States Air Force Air Combat Command established in 1942. Some 1,200 active duty military members, Reserve, and Air National Guard personnel make up the Wing, though truth be told, that number is more accurately 1,201. “Haus,” a German Shorthaired Pointer trained to sniff out explosives, is a very important part of the personnel for he searches vehicles and packages for explosives upon entry to the base, and also walks patrol for suspicious packages and activities.

As it happens, the TSA also uses German Shorthaired Pointers for sniffer work. Their team includes, “Pina,”who’s been part of the Transportation Security Administration’s canine explosives team since 2014, and is one of more than 800 such dogs stationed throughout the country. As part of the official canine explosives team, she sniffs boxes and crates in New York and New Jersey for any suspicious odors, and if she does, Pina sits and is rewarded with her favorite toy.

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