Got a Goose Problem?

It was called “the Miracle on the Hudson.” Flight 1549 was forced to land in the Hudson River because it had been immobilized by a flock of Canada Geese (not Canadian Geese, as they’re sometimes erroneously called). Maybe you saw the movie version named, “Sully?”
If you wonder how a few birds could wreak such havoc, scroll down to see a gif of what a formation of geese looks like on radar. That’s an enormous thing to hit an airplane!

A fabulous “green” solution to this problem comes on four feet.  Dogs that are called upon to “herd” birds off golf courses, fish farms, apartment complexes, and airport runways while minimizing environmental impact on nearby wetlands and marshes are now “a thing.”  Southwest Florida International Airport routinely uses dogs like Border Collies, “Radar” and “Sky” to clear out geese.  Trainer, Rebecca Ryan, estimates that over 300 dogs have been placed to do this job since her company began training and placing dogs in 1998. “Wherever a business has a nuisance bird problem,” Ryan says, is a natural setting for placing a Border Collie.  
“Flyaway Geese” (unknown if the company is related to the Flyaway Farm and Kennels where Radar and Sky were trained) in North Carolina provides goose management services with highly trained, skilled Border Collies that are certified by the North American Goose Dog Association, a Certification Authority for Goosedogs and Handlers.
Take a listen to Flyaway Geese founder, Rebecca, explain:

 Image: A goose-herding dog in action from Flyaway Farm and Kennels

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