A Terrier for the “Discerning Gentleman”

Though he was bred to to be a vermin hunter (and he was darn good at it), the Manchester Terrier was known in Victorian England as the “Gentleman’s Terrier,” an ideal companion for the discerning gentleman who admired the breed’s dauntless spirit.

Victorian ladies preferred a daintier version of the Manchester, and thus, a toy size was developed by breeding the smallest standard Manchesters. These early versions weren’t particularly healthy, but happily, today’s Toy Manchester Terrier is a sound, robust dog far healthier than its ancestors from an earlier time.  Did you know that Manchester Terriers are credited as being the foundation behind several other dog breeds, including the Australian Terrier, the German Hunting Terrier and the Lancashire Heeler?

Image” “Manchester Terriers & Old English White Terrier” by Richard Ansdell (1815 – 1885)

2 thoughts on “A Terrier for the “Discerning Gentleman””

  1. Thank you for your work to highlight this sleek, athletic terrier. They know how to do their job and are excellent mousers. As a bonus, they’re super smart and wonderfully snuggly with their family.

    • It’s our pleasure, Melissa! The Manchester is a wonderful dog that has retained its character and work ethic, thanks to excellent breeders!

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