Haute Couture Named for a Pug

The House Of Valentino made its international debut in 1962, and over the years, clients have included Anne Hathaway,  Jacqueline Kennedy, Jennifer Lopez, Princess Madeleine of Sweden, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and others. Suffice it to say that Valentino had endured as a designer known for luxury and good taste.


Jean Paul Goude for Harper’s Bazaar, 2007
Photography by Jean Paul Goude


During the eighties, Valentino launched his first clothing line for children and young adults which he named “Oliver.” Oliver,

was, in fact, Valentino’s Pug, a breed that Valentino has favored for many years. As far as we know, the designer, now 85 years old, owns six Pugs: Mother, “Molly,” her sons, “Milton” and “Monty,” and her daughters, “Margot,” “Maude,” and “Maggie.” It’s said that when flying on his 14-seater Challenger jet, it requires three cars to move Valentino and his entourage to the airport: One to transport Valentino and his partner, Giammetti, one for his staff and the luggage, and a third to move five of  Valentino’s Pugs (one of them, Maude, always travels with Valentino, himself). Take a look below!

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