The Houma Military Dog Memorial

We never want to forget the brave men, women, and their dogs who served their country in wars and conflicts, and when we come across a war memorial that may not be as well known as others, we like to pass it along.

military dog, dogs, purebred dogs, war dogs


military dog, dogs, purebred dogs, war dogs

The bronze veteran and war dog statues seen here are located in Houma, Louisiana on the property of Diane Baker who also funded their creation. Its dedication also signaled the grand opening of a new adoption center located behind it. Sgt. Maj. Perry Money, vice president of the Vietnam Dog Handlers Association, was the keynote speaker at the dedication.

The statues were created by Big Statues

2 thoughts on “The Houma Military Dog Memorial”

    • Stephen, our impression is that the memorial has moved to a recently opened pet adoption agency, and as far as we can tell, it’s at 100 Government St, Gray, LA 70359
      Phone: (985) 873-6709. We would call before visiting to make sure the memorial is there, but failing that, call 801-358-9739. It’s the number listed on the website mentioning the move.

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