HPR Breeds

While the AKC places such dogs in its “sporting group,” the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) lists most gun dog breeds by their hunting style or function in Group. Broadly speaking, these are Pointer and Setters (dogs who locate prey), Spaniels (who flush game out of cover), and retrievers, dogs that collect fallen birds and bring it back to the hunter. There are some breeds that combine these functions and among some, they’re known as “HPR” or hunt/point/retriever dogs. The Weimaraner could be considered one such breed (and if you have another breed that fits this description, share below!).

As far as we know, Sweden requires a Weimaraner to get three ‘certificates’ and a 1st in Open at a Field Trial to get a show championship. Only one certificate is awarded to bitches, and one to dogs at each Swedish dog show. If there are more than those that meet the quilty required for a certificate, these can receive an award showing they have ‘certificate quality.’

Weimaraner by Justine Osborne

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