Humphrey Bogart’s Newfoundland

The American Film Institute named him the greatest male star in the history of American cinema. In 30 years, Humphrey Bogart appeared in 75 movies – a long career for the kid of a cardiopulmonary surgeon dad, and commercial illustrator mom, but not long enough. Bogart was only 57 when he died of esophageal cancer. A few more trivia tidbits:

  • Bogie was distantly related to Princess Diana through her American relations;
  • His nickname, “Bogie,” was given to him by Spencer Tracy when they were both newcomers to the film industry;
  • He was extremely good at chess and was known to have taken US Chess Champion, Samuel Reshevsky, to a draw at one point;
  • And before he married Lauren Becall and owned Boxers, Humphrey Bogart had a Newfoundland named, “Cappy” when he was with his third wife, Mayo Methot.

    Image: “Cappy” with Bogart circa 1944.

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