The Iron Lady’s Dog

Margaret Thatcher was a tough and controversial figurehead of conservative thought. Despite having said in 1973 that she didn’t whippet,margaret thatcher,cavalier king charlesthink there would be a woman prime minister in her lifetime, she did, in fact become the first female prime minister of Britain six years later.  Thatcher was also a confirmed affectionado of dogs. During her professional life, she was photographed with every kind of dog from a Whippet and German Shepherd Dog to a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. In her retirement years, she was known to visit parks just to fuss over any dog within range (see photo of a Whippet which jumped onto a bench to visit with her).

It’s said that Mrs.Thatcher’s last smile on this earth came as a result of seeing a video of Dachshund puppies.  The puppies’ mother belonged to her former secretary, Lord Charles Powell, who showed the video to her on his iPad. Two of the puppies would eventually be given to Tony Blair.

Thumbnail image of the Thatchers on the beach with a tricolour that may have belonged to Thatcher’s then Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson, (father of TV cook Nigella Lawson).

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