Lauren Becall’s Estate

When acting legend, Lauren Bacall, died in 2014 at the age of 89, most of her belongings, some 700 lots, were auctioned off by Bonhams. One of the most noticeable things about her collection were all the dogs. Pillows of dogs, beaded 19th century portraits of dogs, paintings of dogs, sculptures of dogs, designer dog carriers; one lot included three pillows, one portrait, a tea cup, a saucer and two boxes, all depicting her two dogs, “Blenheim” and “Sophie,” a Papillon. Bacall so loved Sophie that Becall left $10,000 explicitly for her care which was entrusted to Becall’s son, Sam Robards.

“I was always a dog yearner,” Becall told Glenn Close during a 2008 interview for “I didn’t have a dog growing up in the city with a working mother. As an only child, I yearned for someone to talk to. When I was 16, we got a champagne-colored Cocker Spaniel and named him Droopy. From the first moment, [Droopy] was very possessive of me. All my dogs have been possessive of me.”

From then on, Bacall always had dogs, and Sophie was her special companion later in life.

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